Dyffryn Dyfi Dwy Fil – The Dovey Valley 2000 *

After ten years use the files in the Green Room had become very worn and Leslie Leigh and Nicola Ruck have given them a magnificent refurbishment. Smart new files, of varying sizes, have replaced the originals and even with added material these still fit into the fine oak bookcase that the Friends of The Tabernacle commissioned for the project. An index has been added; where appropriate, information is being put onto disc; and we look forward to this source of local knowledge being enjoyed and added to for many years to come.

* This was the Trust’s Millennium Project. For reasons that we never understood we were refused any form of statutory funding. Instead, we offered every community within the watershed of the river Dovey a green, smartly labelled arch lever file and free photo-copying to compile a record of their area. There were no rules and no stipulation as to which language was to be used and this resulted in a resource of immense variety and interest. The scheme was slow to get under way and we had to call on village elders to help. Once this was done it became a great success and every area except one donated their file to the Green Room. There, over the succeeding years, the files have been enjoyed by visitors from all over the world, and by locals, and they are constantly being added to. Access is available free during the opening hours of MOMA WALES except when the Green Room is being used for a class.