Soul of Wales

09 July to 29 October 2016
Tannery Gallery

The Soul of Wales… a selection from The Tabernacle Collection evocative of Wales. Including works by Cefyn Burgess, Aneurin Jones, Peter McNally and Christine Mills.

Alison Lochhead

Layered Memories of Conflict

10 September to 29 October 2016
Sculpture Space

This installation, made specifically for the Sculpture Space, incorporates clay, paper and iron. Each holds a different representation of memory and of strength, fragility, vulnerability, brittleness. There is ambiguity in the materials used, iron can be a much weaker material than paper and yet we think an iron backbone is strong and a paper spine is weak; the opposite is the case.

John Carter RA

‘Adeiledd ac Arwynebedd’

10 September to 26 November 2016
Owen Owen Gallery

John Carter RA is best known for his abstract reliefs, frequently described as being a dialogue between painting and sculpture. The apparent simplicity of his work disguises a subtlety which plays with our perceptions. An inherent element of his inspiration has been many years of visiting the Machynlleth area.

12 Oct, 12 pm – Midday Market Day: Meet the Artist
26 Oct – Workshop

Gladys Vasey


17 September to 29 October 2016
Foyer Gallery

Works from The Tabernacle Collection by Gladys Vasey (1891-1981) who lived in Aberystwyth for many years. Her work was influenced by artists of the Newlyn School in Cornwall whom she visited in the 1930s.

Richard Blacklaw-Jones

Mixed Messages – Signs of Modern Life from the Beach

10 September to 26 November 2016

Richard Blacklaw-Jones creates art from beach-combed, man-made detritus. Phoenix-like, beauty arises from waste and the incoherence of modern life is given meaning.

28 Oct – Workshop

Valerie James

The Welsh Yew – Myth & Reality

17 September to 29 October 2016
Ruralist Room

An exhibition of ceramic sculptures exploring the myth and reality of the famed welsh yew tree. ‘Metamorphosis’ is the centrepiece and key to this work by Pembrokeshire artist Valerie James.

8 Oct – Big Draw workshop

Border Country

17 September to 19 November 2016
Pulpit Room

A touring exhibition curated for the Monmouthshire National Eisteddfod by Dr Peter Wakelin. Four artist contemporaries of the writer Raymond Williams, whose paintings conjure daily life in South Wales communities from the 1930s to the 1950s: Joan Baker, Charles Burton, John Elwyn and Bert Isaac.

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