The Moon


11 May to 27 July 2019
Foyer Gallery

A selection of photos from NASA’s archive complemented by deep sky and lunar photography by Bob Winter, Andrew McCarthy and Robert Price.

The Moon


15 June to 27 July 2019
Ruralist Room

A selection of works from the Tabernacle Collection, each one featuring a moon. Artists include: John Piper, John Rogers, Arthur Giardelli, Ann Arnold, Hugh Byars, Daphne Hurn, Agnes de Raaf, Helen Kozich and Malcolm Ryan.

Tabernacle Collection

06 July to 31 August 2019
Tannery Gallery

Our own Tabernacle Collection now includes over 300 works, mainly by Welsh artists. This is an opportunity to see a selection of work from the collection, made possible by the legacy of Nora Gibbs and Mollie Winterburn.

B E Cole

Sea Gold 2019

06 July to 31 August 2019
Sculpture Space

A fossil beach, sea creatures past and present; all around us is a wealth of flora and fauna which, as any beach-comber, sea-bather and walker of the coastal paths knows, can be devastated by ignorance and complacency. The seas feed us; the seas gave us life. The sculptures in this exhibition are built from recycled materials either as they were made or after they have been cast.

Tabernacle Art Competition

Theme: History

06 July to 05 September 2019
Pulpit Room, Owen Owen Gallery & Bridge

The annual open competition attracts entries from around the world. The exhibition is selected by expert judges who also award prizes. Awards from the public are presented at the end of the show, so come in and vote!

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