William Condry 1918-1998

Naturalist & Conservationist

15 September to 24 November 2018
Owen Owen Gallery, Pulpit Room & Bridge

William Condry was one of the foremost naturalist writers of his day, and was passionate about conserving the natural environment of his beloved Wales. His contribution to the pioneering days of nature conservation in Wales was enormous. William was instrumental in the establishment of the RSPB’s famous reserve at Ynys-Hir on the Dyfi estuary, where he and his wife, Penny, lived. His writings were always based on personal, first hand research and observation. William wrote no less than 14 books and wrote a fortnightly country diary for the Guardian for 41 years (1957-98), the last one appearing on the day he died.

This exhibition, marking what would have been William’s 100th year, is curated by Terence Lambert and includes works by renowned wildlife artists Kim Atkinson, Terence Lambert, Darren Rees, Philip Snow and Owen Williams.

Kevin Blockley

Miscellany in Stone

29 September to 24 November 2018
Tannery Gallery & Sculpture Space

This exhibition provides a broad overview of the organic sculptures that Kevin has been producing over the last 25 years. The pieces are influenced by his work as a cathedrals archaeologist and his close contact with the natural world whilst working on his upland farm in mid-Wales. The sculptures are exclusively in stone that has been sourced in England, Iran, Italy and Wales, with a view to utilising the properties of each stone for a particular effect.

Tabernacle Collection

Edward Wolfe’s Song of Songs

29 September to 10 November 2018
Foyer Gallery

Edward Wolfe was on the fringes of the Bloomsbury Group. In these prints he brings out the luxuriance and eroticism in the ‘Song of Songs’.

Jacob Buckland


29 September to 17 November 2018
Ruralist Room

Paintings of Welsh landscape and nature, based on direct observation and memory. Work which explores colour and mark making, focusing on variations in weather and season. This series of paintings is the result of visits to the Welsh Lanscape. Each piece represents a period of time spent looking and painting in the field. Colour washes are left to chance and combined with more precise lines, as a way of layering and reflecting both the structural and ephemeral qualities found in nature.

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