New additions to the Tabernacle Collection


Following his recent exhibition at MOMA WALES, Gareth Nash kindly donated his work Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo to the permanent Collection.

2012 Glyndwr Award


Professor April McMahon, Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University, with Dr David Russell Hulme, winner of the 2012 Glyndwr Award medal for An Outstanding Contribution to the Arts in Wales.

Opening of Bridge


The Bridge, connecting the Owen Owen Gallery to the Tannery.

Philip and Joanna Lambert who performed the opening ceremony.

Educational Foundation Awards


His Honour Humphrey LLoyd presenting the 2012 prizes to the winners.

New additions to the Tabernacle Collection


Charles Shearer presenting his monoprint Le Grand Meaulnes to The Tabernacle Collection.

Bridge Breakthrough


New additions to the Tabernacle Collection


Aelwyd (Home) Quilt by Cefyn Burgess

Wool tapestry with Welsh flannel embroidery

The John Sylvanus Davies Bequest Fund has made possible the acquisition of this beautiful quilt for The Tabernacle Collection.

Olympic Torch


The Olympic Flame passes MOMA Wales amidst great jubilation.

Royal House Open Day


Open Day at Royal House on Wednesday 16 May.

Mrs Mercia Hammond and Mr John Wynne Jones.


The bridge to link The Tannery to the Owen Owen Gallery is under construction.

Thank you to all of you who have made this possible.

A Handful of Coins

A good Friend of The Tabernacle asked if we would like a handful of old coins to raise money for Phase II of The Tannery. We said ‘Yes please’. The coins turned out to be gold and a coin merchant in London accepted them eagerly in exchange for a cheque for over £4000.

New additions to the Tabernacle Collection

Clive Hicks-Jenkins has presented to MOMA WALES The Friends Gather, one of the drawings from his Mari Lwyd series, which proudly carried a Tabernacle Collection label in Clive’s recent retrospective exhibition at The National Library of Wales. As well as being extremely generous this gift cements an association with the theme that began when Clive won the Calouste Gulbenkian Welsh Art Prize at MOMA WALES.

More riches followed with the gift of three magnificent paintings by David Tress, Passing Light Off Pen Bwchdy, White in The Sun Sound (Ramsey) and Winter Above Newport.

Geoff Sansbury has also generously donated a work to the Tabernacle Collection titled ‘If I move the flowers nearer to the light will that fix it?’, which was shown as part of his Decay exhibition here at MOMA Wales in November 2011.

Such prestigious support is deeply appreciated.

All five works will form a special showing of The Tabernacle Collection in the Pulpit Room from 12 March to 28 April 2012.